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Monday, 12 November 2012

K town Korean BBQ

K town Korean BBQ is located on the top floor of Aberdeen Centre, Richmond!  The BBQ menu is popular during dinner time, but at lunch time I didn't really see many people choosing to cook their own food.

Promotion on the day!

Traditional Korean display!

View from my seat!

Take a look at the menu!!

Though surprisingly they didn't have a lunch menu, they have a "lite fare" selection, which is similar! 

So many choices for Korean BBQ!

Side dishes to share!

Hae-mul Doenjang Jigae (Spicy Seafood Soy-bean Soup) $10

Lots of seafood and lots of tofu!!  Comes with rice too.

Doenjang Jigae #1 (Soy-bean Soup with Vegetables) $9

There was actually a LOT of seafood in the regular Doejang Jigae...not just the huge shrimp you see, but clams, mussels, and squid too!  That would have been a good thing usually...except that the one who ordered this dish doesn't eat seafood!  

So my friend asked the server to make one that's ONLY it says on the menu.

Doenjang Jigae #2

No seafood this time!  However, unlike the first one...this Doenjang Jigae came out to to be sooo spicy!!  Were the possibly-frustrated chefs trying to kill us?

Many Oriental Asian restaurants aren't clear when it comes to describing their dishes on menus!  For example, if you order a "Vegetable Fried Rice" at a Chinese restaurant, you may find shrimp or even slices of ham cooked together.  In Japan, when I order a "yasai itame" (vegetable dish), most of the time there is ham or scallop cooked with it.  Whereas if you ordered a "Vegetable Stew" at a Western Restaurant, or a "Vegetable Curry" at an Indian Restaurant...there would never be traces of meat in it!  I guess it's because it's pretty rare to find Oriental Asian vegetarians (only recently have there been more maybe because of the healthy lifestyle hype) they aren't so strict about making the dishes completely vegetarian.  In fact, they might even be adding little meat to vegetable dishes to please customers!

What do you think the reason is?

Oh, and I know Halloween is way over right now...but Aberdeen Centre had a fun Halloween display going on that day!

So cute!  They also moved too!!

& I didn't know there was such a thing as Pumpkin Arranging!


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